The support to the competitions was born in 2006 when in Italy there were many more active championships than today. Cars, karts and electric bikes with speed or consumption-regularity races are the subjects on which we have experienced the nascent activity on electric vehicles.
In 2006, with a Panda Elettrica, at the Maranello racetrack we inaugurated our participation in the consumption competitions in collaboration with Aecivitas Team asd. The competition field was reached with an Appennine crossing from Florence to Serramazzoni studied without intermediate refills (see).
The following year the same Panda was the protagonist of an absolute win at the “Green Rally of the Euganean Hills” (see).
Thanks to the collaboration started in September 2009 with the Bettimoto Team, in 2010 we won the international FIM “e-Power” title.
Since 2011, always in collaboration with Aecivitas Team asd, we support the e-one project, in which the electric motorbike prototype e-xxx, developed for uphill races, was created.
We develop prototypes and provide support for competitions and free time with electric vehicles.